Alexandrite Laser

The ParCare Hair Removal Laser System is a standard system that is widely recognized to provide the best permanent hair reduction results.

 By combining the most effective laser technology with value and reliability, the ParCare system meets the challenging demands of your business whether you are operating a high volume clinic, private medical practice or spa/salon.



Alexandrite lasers have been clinically proven to provide the best hair removal results. The emitted wavelength (755nm) of the ParCare Laser most strongly targets melanin in the hair shaft and minimally affects the surrounding tissue. This beneficial difference in interaction is the basis for Selective Photothermolysis the process by which Laser Energy from ParCare system kills unwanted hair while minimizing adverse effects.

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Utilizing cutting edge CCP technology, ParCare Alexandrites are capable of delivering over 100 watts of power. P arCare is proprietar y Intelligen t Pulse™ provides the highest possible speed at every fluence.


ParCare is 3-300ms pulse is an industry first, permitting targeting of both coarse and fine hair while maintaining safely in darker skin types. Extending the pulse width for skin types IV-VI make it act like wavelengths with less than optimal melanin absorption. The long pulse alexandrite from Parnian Gostar Parto Sanj Co. safely and effectively treats skin types IV-VI.



Capable of safe fluence (up to 30 j/cm2) at 15mm, the ParCare system penetrates deeply to reach even the most stubborn hair follicles. The New LPX offers up to 18mm spot size with the highest available wattage in the industry. While alexandrite treatments are elatively pain free, air cooling is optional.



ParCare is computer interface allows users to easily in dentify skin types and recommend treatment parameters. Treatment histories are recorded and business management software tracks profit margins. Parnian Gostar Parto Sanj Co. techni cians are able to communicate, diagnose, and in some cases repair via phone line.




Lasing Medium

Alexandrite 755nm

Alexandrite 755nm

Pulse Duration

Variable 3-300ms

Variable 3-300ms

Average Power (watts)

Up to 60 (watts)

Up to 100 (watts)

Repetition Rate

Max 2.5@12mm

Max 2.5@15mm

Spot Size

7, 9, 12, 15mm

7, 9, 12, 15, 18mm

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Alexandrite Laser

Alexandrite Laser

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