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Pernian Gostar Protosanj Knowledge-Based Company was established in 2013 with the aim of producing and providing specialized services in the field of medical lasers, which with the support of the Vice President of Science and Technology has been able to be the only knowledge-based company active in the field of medical lasers export. Using domestic experts and elites with the aim of designing, producing and providing medical lasers for the health community has been one of the achieved goals of Parnian Gostar Protosanj Company. Therefore, due to the upcoming strategies, it has succeeded in obtaining the highest European standards (CE) in terms of export. The activity of about a decade in this sector has led to the formation of Aghmari collections in various fields, and Pernian Abadgaran Farda companies (energy, water, mining), Sivan Teb Pernian, Behina Perto Sadid and Qutb export of medical lasers in Turkey, Glory Majestic Medical Solutions, are among these companies. are hands Although Paranyan Gostar Protosanj has not been very active in the field of knowledge-based accelerators, but until now it has supported the best ideas in the field of medicine, industry, energy, etc. . Since the quality and after-sales service is one of the clear priorities of Parnian Gostar Protosanj Company, obtaining the necessary permits from the General Department of Medical Equipment and Necessities and ISOs related to medical equipment is another measure of the company. Technological development is the ultimate goal of Parnian Gostar Partosang Company, and we hope that along with the current products, it has taken appropriate measures regarding the manufacture of new high-tech products, and soon other advanced laser products will be presented to the health community in various medical fields. The personnel of Pernyan Gostar Protosanj company is currently more than 70 people, trusting in God and the efforts of the entire Pernyan Gostar Protosanj complex, and the development of manpower and technology is one of the company's important and clear priorities.


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Alexandrite Gravity Laser Machine

Alexandrite Gravity Laser Machine

Production of the most powerful alexandrite laser device, for the first time in Iran and the Middle East by Iranian experts

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Knowledge of sunscreen

All skin types, regardless of skin type and color, need sunscreen. All skins are vulnerable and the sun in all skin types can cause sunburn and increase sensitivity and damage to the skin. Of course, keep in mind that the sun is effective in the production of vitamin D in the body, but in dealing with the skin, it is better to provide the necessary protection. After considering how effective sunscreen is for skin health and body health in general, we may be wondering what sunscreen to buy. What quality? Which product is right for us? How long should we apply sunscreen on our skin before leaving home? And other questions like that.

Complications of laser facial hair removal and its treatment

The effects of laser facial hair removal and treatment are one of the most important areas of the body and can be said to be the most important for beauty. The effects of laser facial hair removal after removing facial hair are annoying for many men and women, and if left on the face, it can have an unpleasant appearance. That is why it is very important to choose a suitable and low-risk method for removing excess hair.

Bikini Hair Removal Laser

Bikini hair removal laser is called laser hair removal outside the front triangle of the bikini, or in other words, this treatment removes genital hair just outside the V-Line with a width of one to two fingers. These are basically the hairs that may fill your underwear.

What are the side effects of bikini line laser hair removal?

It can be said that the least painful, least dangerous and least complicated laser hair removal is the bikini laser. In most cases, the only thing beauticians feel is a slight tingling sensation on the surface of the skin.

What is the care after facial hifutherapy?

Unlike many clinics that tell things too quickly and without explanation for the benefit of clients and beauticians, it seems that the best way to care for facial hypnotherapy is to teach clients the mechanism of the skin and understanding how the skin works so that Make the best decision in situations that are even somewhat unpredictable. The following are some of the things that people who have undergone hyperthermia should follow to avoid possible complications and maximum therapeutic benefit.

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25 June 2022

dr milad freydooni

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Dr. Sorena Sattari's presence at Parnian Gostar's booth at Iran Health Exhibition 1401

The strength and quality of Parnian medical equipment has always been our winning card in the global markets, the quality that has brought us the trust of our customers, the trust that was based on the best, we have prided ourselves and to maintain it, we are always trying to provide the best We are services. Iran Health is a special opportunity to prove that we are the best, so that you yourself can confirm this great claim by comparing the most up-to-date medical products.

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News Network's exclusive report from Parnian Gostar Company

The interview of Mr. Engineer Zamanian with Khabar network on the topic of laser application in the country's industries

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The strong presence of Parnian company in Iran Health 1401 exhibition

The Iran Health International Exhibition is the second largest event of medical services and equipment in the region, which is held every year to display the most up-to-date technologies in the medical field and gathers more than 25,000 people to visit the permanent location of international exhibitions in Tehran. Parnian company is proud to be present at the Iran Health exhibition, in addition to providing consulting services to doctors and investors to buy and learn more about Parnian products, to display its newest #laser_machine_for_excess_hair for the first time, and to introduce those who are interested with Diode_Glori and Meet Alexander_Gravity_Plus.

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Workshop on working with Alexandrite Gravity

Workshop on working with Alexandrite Gravity machine, a product of Parnian Company

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Dr. Ishaq Jahangiri visits Parnian Gostar Partonometer Company

The First Vice President, Dr. Ishaq Jahangiri, together with the Governor and Governor of Tehran and the Minister of Industry and Mines, accompanied by a delegation, visited the production line of Parnian Gostar Parto Sanj Company in April 1400

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Powerful presence of Parnian Gostar Radiometer Company in the International Exhibition of Armenia in June 1400

Dinner at the Iranian Embassy in Armenia B to B meeting with foreign investors Opening and closing of the exhibition

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Unveiling of a new product, Alexandrite Cooling Laser

Unveiling of the new product of Parnian Gostar Radiometer Company Parnian cooling machine with the name (Hercule Alexandrite) was added to the Parnian product portfolio in May 1400. This machine with the same quality and power as foreign samples with low noise production and professional after-sales service will be mass-produced from today.

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Dr. Sorena Sattari, Vice President for Science and Technology visits the medical laser production line of Parnian Gostar Radiometer Company

Dr. Sattari, Vice President for Science and Technology, inaugurated the project of medical laser production line of Parnian Gostar Radiometer Company in the Technology Units Development Center of Iran Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

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Customers comments

customers comments

Dr. Shahin Far

Clinic manager

In 2015, I started my cooperation with Parnian Group by purchasing a Lumina diode laser machine. I am very satisfied with Parnian's after-sales service.

Dr. Ahadi

Clinic manager

We bought all the beauty equipment of our clinic from Parnian collection. We were satisfied with the quality of the products and after providing services, our customers were completely satisfied with the results.

Alireza Khanzadeh

Clinic manager

I have been using Pernian's services and products for many years and I am satisfied with their services because many companies provide services only at the sales stage, but Pernian also provides continuous service after the sale of the product.

Dan Abramov


Aseman Vanak office building 101 Vanak St. Tehran 1991945343 Iran - post-code 1991945343


Aseman Vanak office building 101 Vanak St. Tehran 1991945343 Iran - post-code 1991945343