Diode Glory laser device

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Due to its large cross-section and high operating frequency, the Diode Glory laser device has a much higher coverage speed for different areas of the body compared to conventional methods such as IPL.

Diode Glory laser device
hair removal laser device

Diode Glory laser device

Technical Specifications

  • Water pump type: Diaphragm pump
  • Number of laser loads: 6
  • Number of effective shots: 20 million shots
  • spot size: 16mm×16mm
  • Continuous working time: 15-18 hours

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Diode Glory laser device

Laser body hair removal is one of the cosmetic surgeries that can be performed without the need for surgery, among which one of the newest technologies for removing excess hair is the diode laser. This technology can be used for all ages, regardless of skin type and hair type, and applicants for hair removal can use the diode laser without any side effects such as pain and burns.

Owners of clinics, recognizing the differences and differences between Diode and Alexandrite laser devices, prefer to buy Diode laser as a new technology that in addition to long life and reasonable price, easy performance and ease of use compared to other hair laser devices, prefers to buy this device. Give.


The Diode Glory laser is a very powerful laser that generates a high intensity laser beam at the output cross section of the device. This level of high light power is absorbed by the pigments located in the hair follicles. In the very limited time that each laser pulse generates, high power is absorbed into the body hair and raises its temperature. In this case, the hair shaft and root are severely damaged and its regrowth capacity is greatly reduced. The large cross section of the diode laser pulse radiation will cause a large number of body hairs to be removed in a very short time and the process of removing excess hair will be done in a shorter time. Adapting the wavelength of the diode laser to the absorption band in the hair follicle pigments will increase the efficiency and power of the diode laser compared to other common methods such as IPL and alexandrite technology.


Introduction of Diode Glory laser device

Due to its large cross section and high operating frequency, the Diode Glory laser machine has a much higher coverage speed for different areas of the body compared to conventional methods such as IPL, which makes the whole process 4 times faster than other methods, also due to adaptation. Wavelength absorption of hair pigments with the wavelength emitted by Diode Lumina laser The process of removing excess hair with this technology will be painless, so by removing excess energy on the skin, which is more common in IPL methods, there will be no pain in the process of removing excess hair. .

High Power Laser Load Diode Glory Laser Machine

The high power of the Dellas laser as the beating heart of the luminaire easily destroys the thinnest and deepest hair follicles and in addition to reducing hair regrowth, also increases its regrowth intervals.


Integrated cooling system tec diode glory laser machine

The ability to cool down when removing excess hair is one of the main factors in reducing pain. However, lack of proper cooling causes burns, inflammation, redness and increased skin blemishes. Therefore, by using the complex multi-layer cooling capability embedded in the diode laser device, the heat trapped in the tissue will be transferred quickly and will prevent any complications and burns. Also, not controlling the temperature of the tissue or creating effective cooling will prevent the acceleration of the process of hair removal and also increase the effective and necessary optical power for the tissue. The Lumina diode laser device uses two ICC temperature cooling modules in its head at the same time, which will reduce the temperature of the laser head to zero degrees Celsius for the entire time of use. The electrical power of the cooling system of the diode laser device is 800 watts, which is able to keep the temperature of the device constant for 18 hours.

High power output of David Glory laser

The handpiece of a diode laser machine can take more than 10 million shots, which minimizes the cost of treatment. As the cross section of many laser diodes increases, we will see a reduction in effective power or power per unit area of ​​skin. Therefore, the effect of laser to remove excess hair will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it should be noted that diodes with 600 and 800 watts of electrical input power and 100 to 150 watts of optical power can not be used in large cross sections. The Lumina diode laser, on the other hand, produces 2,000 watts of electrical power and 600 watts of optical power at a cross-sectional area of ​​16 mm by 16 mm. Therefore, instead of 3 laser load diodes, 6 laser load diodes are installed in the head of the device, each of which generates an effective optical power of 100 watts. Therefore, the device can cover the above cross section quite effectively without using an optical duplicator.

Long life of Diode Glory laser machine

The quality of the diode laser decreases over time and fails after a while. This period of life is called the diode laser. The lifespan of a diode laser depends on many factors such as continuous working time, output energy, temperature, dust, humidity, etc. Normally, the lifespan of diode lasers provided by reputable companies is between 3 to 5 years. Be.


15 hours uninterrupted operation of Diode Glory laser machine

Almost all portable diode lasers have a continuous operating time of 2-4 hours, while for a luminaire diode it is 15-18 hours. Of course, a device that works non-stop during the day will be more useful than a device that needs to be turned off every four hours.

Easy to use Diode Glory laser device

One of the most important features that should be considered when buying a diode laser and such systems is the ease and comfort of safe work with the device. Without having to fill in complicated tables or create a medical accident or a clinical error due to a mistake in the input values, the David Lumina laser device has a very professional and simple graphical touch interface.

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