Alexandrite Gravity Plus Laser Machine

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Alexandrite Gravity Plus Laser Machine
hair removal laser device

Alexandrite Gravity Plus Laser Machine

Technical Specifications

  • maximum power: 100 W
  • Fluence: 1-20 j/cm2
  • Spot size: 20 (optional: 15,18, 22, 24 mm)
  • Pulse Duration: 3-100 ms (variable)
  • pulse rate: 1-3 Hz (variable & "smart")
  • Electrical requirements: 220-240 Vac,50/60 Hz, 40A
  • cooling system: Water to Air or Water to Water

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Introducing the Alexandrite Gravity+ laser device

Alexandrite Gravity Plus laser machine

Alexandrite lasers are classified on the basis of a solid or crystal body as a rod and are distinguished from other laser classes by a wavelength of 755 nm. This type of laser is a type of pulse laser that has many applications in skin and beauty clinics due to its high power and laser power.

Many companies around the world have acquired the technology to make alexandrite laser devices, and each of them has innovated in the production of these devices to meet the needs of their target market and the professionals and users who use this technology. But the point to consider about many of these equipments that are offered as imported products in the country is that with all the good technical capabilities they have, because they are not designed and built for the geography of our homeland, some of the needs of the clients can not be well Be responsive, for example, due to the special skin type of our Iranian mold, the efficiency and responsiveness of some Alexandrite type devices in our country is not appropriate, and another problem is that it is difficult to verify the authenticity of parts and even the device itself because many of these equipments, especially production equipment China is available in the market without international approvals and even the Organization of the Iranian Medical System, which has caused problems for clients and patients, as well as clinicians. Poor after-sales service due to the lack of official representation of foreign products is another disadvantage of foreign-made laser devices.

Alexandrite Gravity Plus 8-pulse laser system (pain reducing agent)

Using Smart Pulse technology, a train of pulses is created on the skin. Unlike conventional lasers, which use a single pulse or a maximum of four pulses, the Alexandrite Gravity Laser intelligently generates eight pulses with a duty cycle of less than one millisecond per pulse.

In the interval between pulses, the skin relaxes and the cooling system allows the resulting heat to dissipate more quickly. The Alexandrite Gravity Laser uses a 2- and 4-pulse train, even in 3 and 5 milliseconds, respectively. This technology is available exclusively on the Alexandrite Gravity Laser.

Smart Pulse reduces pain to such an extent that it can be operated practically without external cooling, and provides the best response for dark skin and dark areas of the body without burns.


The lowest absorption through the skin occurs at the 755 nm alexandrite laser wavelength.

Large Spot Size of Alexandrite Gravity Plus Laser

The largest spot size without energy loss is in the Alexandrite Gravity Laser. 15, 18, 20, 22 and 24 mm handpieces are the main features of the device.

Alexandrite Gravity Plus Laser Operating Frequency

Using 3Hz frequency reduces the time of a full wind from 45 minutes to 25 minutes. This practice is economically very important in the long run.

High efficiency of Alexandrite Gravity Plus laser machine lamp

The efficiency of the Alexandrite Gravity Laser is up to 3 million shots, which is a unique feature in this Spot Size.

The number of shots of the Alexandrite Gravity Laser in Spot Size 18 mm will increase to 5 million.

How Alexandrite Laser Works

The Alexandrite laser body hair removal system is similar to the Robbie laser system. The light beam produced by this system, like the Robbie laser, is mainly absorbed by the hair follicles and melanin. It is common to use this laser device to remove excess hair. The Alexandrite laser device is the choice of many well-equipped and advanced clinics. This laser device has found many fans due to its excellent performance in removing excess hair. Among the various devices on the market for hair removal, the Alexandrite laser system has had the fastest and best results. This system is used to remove excess body hair from people with fair olive skin, especially very light skin. This system is also used for the skin of people with skin with blemishes, freckles and freckles.


What are the uses of the Alexandrite Gravity Plus laser device?
Removal of excess hair in different areas of the body
Clear tattoos
Treatment of blemishes and freckles on skin and moles
Treatment of spider veins
Elimination of vascular lesions
Treatment of lunar eclipses
Skin discoloration
skin Cleaning
Skin rejuvenation
The effectiveness of the Alexandrite Gravity Plus laser device

Approximately 70% of the body hair will be removed after the recommended period for hair removal, which usually takes between 6 and 8 sessions of treatment to achieve this result. It is important to note that the larger the size of the laser beam, the fewer sessions required. The Alexandrite laser device removes excess hair without pain and creates the least amount of burns. This system can feel like a plastic bandage hitting your skin. Local anesthesia can be used to reduce pain to a minimum. Each laser hair removal session lasts between 30-40 minutes depending on the capabilities of the time system. It is important to note that the timing of treatment depends on the size of the area being treated.

Advantages of using Alexandrite Gravity Plus laser device

Due to the lack of familiarity of all people with this system, here are some of its most important features:


One of the most important benefits of alexandrite laser is that vascular disorders will generally be cured in 1 to 3 sessions.
Problems with the alexandrite laser

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