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Pernian Gostar Protosanj Knowledge-Based Company was established in 2013 with the aim of producing and providing specialized services in the field of medical lasers, which with the support of the Vice President of Science and Technology has been able to be the only knowledge-based company active in the field of medical lasers export. Using domestic experts and elites with the aim of designing, producing and providing medical lasers for the health community has been one of the achieved goals of Parnian Gostar Protosanj Company. Therefore, due to the upcoming strategies, it has succeeded in obtaining the highest European standards (CE) in terms of export. The activity of about a decade in this sector has led to the formation of Aghmari collections in various fields, and Pernian Abadgaran Farda companies (energy, water, mining), Sivan Teb Pernian, Behina Perto Sadid and Qutb export of medical lasers in Turkey, Glory Majestic Medical Solutions, are among these companies. are hands Although Paranyan Gostar Protosanj has not been very active in the field of knowledge-based accelerators, but until now it has supported the best ideas in the field of medicine, industry, energy, etc. . Since the quality and after-sales service is one of the clear priorities of Parnian Gostar Protosanj Company, obtaining the necessary permits from the General Department of Medical Equipment and Necessities and ISOs related to medical equipment is another measure of the company. Technological development is the ultimate goal of Parnian Gostar Partosang Company, and we hope that along with the current products, it has taken appropriate measures regarding the manufacture of new high-tech products, and soon other advanced laser products will be presented to the health community in various medical fields. The personnel of Pernyan Gostar Protosanj company is currently more than 70 people, trusting in God and the efforts of the entire Pernyan Gostar Protosanj complex, and the development of manpower and technology is one of the company's important and clear priorities.


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Aseman Vanak office building 101 Vanak St. Tehran 1991945343 Iran - post-code 1991945343


Aseman Vanak office building 101 Vanak St. Tehran 1991945343 Iran - post-code 1991945343