Alexandrite Gravity Laser Machine

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Production of the most powerful alexandrite laser device, for the first time in Iran and the Middle East by Iranian experts

Alexandrite Gravity Laser Machine
hair removal laser device

Alexandrite Gravity Laser Machine

Technical Specifications

  • most power: 100 W
  • Fluence: 1-20 j/cm2
  • spot size: 20 (optional: 15,18, 22, 24 mm)
  • Pulse Duration: 3-100 ms (variable)
  • Pulse rate: 1-3 Hz (variable & "smart")
  • Electrical requirements: 220-240 Vac,50/60 Hz, 40A
  • cooling system: Water to Air or Water to Water

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Introduction of Alexandrite Gravity Laser Machine

 Gravity Alexandrite Laser

Many doctors and investors are planning to buy an alexandrite laser device to equip their clinic, but when they buy it, they are faced with a wide range of hair removal laser devices. Europe has been. If you want to buy or know the terms of sale and price of the Alexandrite laser device, we will pay more attention to it in the following.

Introduction of Alexandrite laser devices

The alexandrite laser is a laser that uses expensive alexandrite crystals as the source or environment of the laser, which is the main reason for the high price of the alexandrite laser device. The alexandrite laser produces a specific wavelength of light in the infrared (755 nm) spectrum, which is known as the most effective wavelength for the removal of excess hair, and due to the high power of the laser, many applications in skin clinics and It has beauty.

Alexandrite lasers work by photothermolysis, the energetic wavelength of light emitted by the alexandrite laser is converted into heat energy, and this damages the target area: this means using light (photo) to heat (thermo) a The area selected for destruction (slip).

No need to use gel

The reason for using the gel is to prevent the skin from burning during the laser. Alexandrite lasers, due to their strong cooling system, lower the surface temperature of the skin after each laser shot and make the gel free from gel, and are known as shot machines.

Suitable for any skin type

Alexandrite lasers are the best device for covering all skin types (1 to 6), which is important for investors who intend to serve a wide range of beauticians by purchasing alexandrite lasers.

The effectiveness of the Alexandrite laser device

Approximately 70% of the body hair will be removed after the recommended period for hair removal, which usually takes between 6 and 8 sessions of treatment to achieve this result. It is important to note that the larger the laser beam, the fewer sessions required. The Alexandrite laser device removes excess hair without pain and creates the least amount of burns. This system can feel like a plastic bandage hitting your skin. Local anesthesia can be used to reduce pain to a minimum. Each laser hair removal session lasts between 30-40 minutes depending on the capabilities of the time system. It is important to note that the timing of treatment depends on the size of the area being treated.

Unique features of the Alexandrite Gravity Plus laser machine

Parnian Gostar Company is the first and only manufacturer of Alexandrite laser device in the Middle East with Gravity and Gravity Plus brand. This product has succeeded in receiving the European CE standard, US Medical Italy after obtaining the license of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment. If you are going to buy Alexandrite Gravity Laser or Gravity Plus, we will learn more about the unique features of the two devices in the following.

Smart pulse system

Unlike conventional lasers that use a single pulse or a maximum of four pulses, this device, with its unique smart pulse technology, intelligently generates eight pulses with a duty cycle that is less than one millisecond wide. In the interval between pulses, the skin relaxes and the cooling system causes the resulting heat to dissipate more quickly. This laser uses a 2 and 4 pulse train, respectively, even in 3 and 5 milliseconds.

Smart pulse reduces pain to such an extent that it can be operated practically without external cooling, and even for dark skin and dark areas of the body, it provides the best response without burns.

Large cross section

There is the largest spot size without energy loss in this laser. Beam diameters of 15, 18, 20, 22 and 24 mm can be used selectively in this device.

Equipped with Topheat technology

The Alexandrite Gravity and Gravity Plus laser devices are able to evenly distribute the output energy in the clinical area for greater productivity and lower consumption costs.

Touch screen ... 


Powerful  handpiece


Continuous use until ...  hours


Powerful cooling .... 


Warranty and after-sales service of Alexandrite laser machine

After-sales service and warranty The biggest problem for buyers of Alexandrite laser device is after purchase because some parts of the device need to be replaced after the end of their useful life, or some profiteers due to the sale of second-hand or poor quality Alexandrite laser device not only because of buyers The exorbitant costs of repairing such devices make it very difficult, but also endanger the health of beauticians. Parnian Gostar Radiometer Company, due to having zero to one hundred technologies of this device, is able to provide the highest level of after-sales service in the shortest time.

After purchasing the Alexandrite laser device, the company's services with free shipping and installation, on-site training of the device and free service for up to one year ...... we are at your service, dear ones, and after that, in case of any need for fast service We are the most responsive time, dear ones.


Finally, I would like to add that in addition to receiving all the necessary licenses for manufactured products, such as the license of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment of Iran, CE Europe, US Medical Italy, the Parnian Gostar knowledge-based collection has provided customers with a quality equipment and Have the standard.

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Aseman Vanak office building 101 Vanak St. Tehran 1991945343 Iran - post-code 1991945343